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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Life without social media is scary...

What do I use social media for?

I use social media for the following reasons:

  • Stay connected with family, friends, and school mates.
  • Entertainment 
  • To get quick information
Social media has allowed me to stay connected with my family, friends, and schoolmates. I was born and raised in Philippines. I moved to Vancouver in 2001. It was hard to leave family, friends, and school mates and move on with my new life in Vancouver. With the help of FACEBOOK, I am now able to stay connected with people from my previous home (Philippines). Also, it is helping me build and meet new friends at my current home (Vancouver).

Social media is also great for entertainment purposes. I'm often fascinated by the funny status posted by other Facebook users. It gives me a good laugh and share it with my friends at work and school. It is a great place to express yourself and get an argument going on a particular topic. Though, sometimes it gets heated and becomes very serious, it is funny how two (or more) strangers can start arguing on a topic.

I am in love with YouTube. Being a visual learner and not being very hands on, it is a great tool to help me on small tasks. I have used a YouTube video to help me replace my car's headlight bulb. Also, I have used YouTube videos as pat of my presentations in school.

Life without social media is scary! I have often tried not accessing my Facebook account and/or  YouTube, but I have not succeeded. I don't know what I would do to without social media. Even though I was very hesitant to create a Facebook account in the beginning. In fact, I didn't even create my own Facebook account. Two of my friends created it for me, and sent me the information. I didn't know how to react at the time, but I now thank them for creating the account for me. 

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