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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Facebook's $1-billion Acquisition

Facebook was able to do what other companies in the past decade have chickened out and been unable to accomplish: merge with another billion dollar company. It seemed as if it happened overnight, there were no rumours of the negotiations or talks of Facebook and Instagram joining, or rather Facebook buying Instagram. The acquisition will change Facebook yet again and how a user loads/deals with their pictures. Though Mark Zuckerberg says that Instagram will be kept separate and the users will continue to have their followers outside of the social media site. My only hope is they do not become another result of MySpace and Photobuckets' buyout in 2005, a company that lost its worth by $545-million. I wonder if Facebook will eventually survive all the changes they’ve made recently; from their new timeline format to their plans to be a publically traded company and now to the purchase of Instagram.

Below is the full article:

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