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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oral Presentations

Oral presentations are a very important aspect of careers in business. If you look at any field in business, they all require some sort of presenting of certain information. Therefore, the knowledge I obtained from this course on how to make effective presentations is that much more important and beneficial for me. There are many things I learned about making presentations that I did not know of before to make them better. For example, I did not know that there are certain elements you should focus on when doing the introduction slide of the presentation. Some of these elements being:

·         Starting off with a question

·         Introducing yourself and your teammates

·         Revealing why the audience should care

·         Summarizing what you will be talking about

In addition, I also learned that you should try to end the presentation, just like we do with memos, with some sort of action request from the audience. An example of an action request being feedback so that it can be applied to future reports. I also learned that it is better to not have any cue cards with you when presenting, or at least minimal usage of them if they are needed. By doing that, it shows that you came prepared and know your material, and it also gives you a professional look.

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