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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Importance of Social Media in My Life

1. Why do I use social media?
Social media is a relatively recent phenomenon. This being said, no one could have predicted how quickly it would be picked up by the masses, and how popular it would really become. The beauty of social media is in its versatility. For example, I use my Facebook account to connect with people both continents away, and my classmates, to keep up with the latest news (ranging from my favorite band’s newest album, to international politics, and everything in between), to read a few jokes, and just keep up with what all my friends are doing. It has become more than a simple networking tool, encompassing everything from my personal life and my interests, to my professional and academic career.

2. When did I start using social media, and why?
I first began using social media in 2004. Back then, MySpace was the most popular networking site, and after my friends talked me into it, I reluctantly created an account. At first, I didn’t think much of it, but I soon began to see its benefits: I could follow along with my friends, and know what’s happening in their lives, swap photos, music, and even connect with people I hadn’t seen in a long time. Soon enough, as Facebook became more popular, I created an account there, as well – I’ve been hooked ever since.

3. How would I replace it if were to be taken away?
Seeing as social media is so versatile, and performs so many functions, it would be hard to replace. That isn’t to say that it has something that can’t be found anywhere else, rather it manages to bring all those other things together in one convenient package. It almost seems strange to revert back to calling classmates to get together to work on a group project, when you can simply send all your group-mates a shared message. If social media were to disappear, however, my phone would once again become my main tool for connecting with people. To keep up with the latest news I would have to follow along with the mainstream newscasts on TV. The downside to this is that while on Facebook, for instance, I could filter what type of news most interests me, going back to conventional media outlets would mean that I would once again be inundated with a lot of superfluous information. In short, it would not be a terrible tragedy if we were to lose social media, it would most certainly be a step back, and would definitely be an inconvenience.


  1. At present, it is almost impossible to think life without the existence of social media. It has become a significant part of people’s lives. Gone are the days when you have to wonder about someone’s whereabouts and how he/she is doing. Today, you can be updated with all your friends online through social media anytime, anywhere.

    - Nelson Samayoa

  2. If you would ask people how important social media is to them, you would probably know their answers already. People really value the existence of social media these days. One of the simplest reasons may be is that by sharing photos, videos, and status updates, you can stay connected with your friends and family even though they live across different continents.

    Sage Aumick

  3. Without a doubt, social media really makes our lives easier, not only when it comes to our communication with other people, but with how we manage our business as well. Through the help of social media, we can develop much greater strategies in order for our business to grow and patronize by more people.

    Masako Gun

  4. I agree with Masako here. One of the greatest advantages of social media, whether it’s for personal or for business, is that it breaks the distance barrier in communication. In the business aspect, social media is one way of connecting to consumers around the globe. It would make it easier for the business to instantly know what the customers need to provide a better service to them.

    .Neil Linnen

  5. It’s hard to imagine that social media will disappear in the future. With how people embrace the concept, I think social media is here to stay. For the past years, it has become part of the lives of many people, helping them to live a happy and easy life. :)

    Glenn Evans