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Thursday, April 12, 2012

ENTR 3000 Class

This class has been very useful to me. We have learned about a variety of topics and Bob has taught them to us really well using his own personal experiences. Some of the topics that we have covered include the following:

·         SMART communications analysis

·         Teamwork and conflict resolution

·         Style sheets

·         Visual elements

·         How to give oral presentations successfully

·         Conventions and organization of correspondence

Learning about the abovementioned topics better prepares me for situations in real life, as well as for any future ENTR courses I take. I feel that this course has made me into a better communicator and a better analyzer of situations at hand.  The latter being the result of the SMART communications analysis. I will try applying as much of the knowledge I have acquired from taking this course into future situations.

The most important thing I learned in this class was the fundamental purpose of communication which is to start or maintain a relationship. When dealing with my personal relationships, I now always keep this in mind so that I do not destroy a relationship because you never know when that person will be needed in your life.

Does anyone else feel the same way or have any thoughts of their own about this class?

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