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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Social Media

The Start of Social Media in my Life

I began using social media four years ago when I signed up for Facebook. The main reason behind my decision to join Facebook was dance. I joined a dance team five years ago and most of their messages were shared through Facebook.  For the first year, I managed being part of the dance team without having Facebook. This was possible since I would try getting a hold of my fellow dancers on the phone to know of any important messages. However, this was stressful because there were times when getting a hold of them was difficult. As a result, I would miss important dance messages such as rehearsal times for example. Therefore, after missing many messages and being pressured by my fellow dancers, I signed up for Facebook the next year.

In addition to Facebook, another social media that I use is the online social networking and micro blogging service known as Twitter. I have been using Twitter for the past two years now. My reason to join Twitter was not for dance reasons or school reasons. I just noticed that everyone else around me such as my friends, family, and co-workers all had twitter. They were always discussing what they tweeted or tweets that certain celebrities had made. For these reasons, I decided to sign up for Twitter and began tweeting away myself.  

Along with Facebook and Twitter, I also use YouTube on a daily basis. I have been using this video-sharing website for the past five years now. When I first began using YouTube, I would only view videos that others had posted from all over the world. But two years ago, I created my own YouTube account and now post my own videos. The videos I post include sports games, clips from my favorite TV shows, as well as dance performances that I have been part of. I also have three subscribers to my YouTube account.

Importance of Social Media

Social media makes my life easier for many reasons. For instance, social media acts as a great stress reliever. Whenever I am feeling stressed due to personal reasons, taking a few minutes to visit some of the social media sites helps relieve that stress. By doing so, I am better able to focus on the task at hand so that I can accomplish it more effectively.

In addition, social media also helps me with my school work. For example, I am able to use YouTube to find videos to put into my power point presentations. Finding videos elsewhere can sometimes be difficult since they are scattered across various websites. YouTube is helpful and beneficial in this way since it contains thousands of videos which can easily be searched on that one website. Facebook and Twitter also help me with my school work because I can use them to send messages to my classmates if I am confused about an assignment. This is especially helpful when the classmate you need to reach is out of town and cannot be contacted on their phone. In this case, communicating with them through Facebook and Twitter is the easiest option.

Replacing Social Media

If social media was taken away from me, replacing it would not be easy to do. This is because social media plays a big part in my life. Not only do I use it to get help with homework or to relieve some of my stress, I also use it to keep in touch with my family and friends, and to promote any events I am associated with. However, if social media was taken away from me, I would try replacing it with other things I enjoy doing in life and doing those things more often. So whether that be going to the gym, playing sports, chilling with friends, or going to dance classes, I would try and fill that void in my life that social media filled with these hobbies of mine.

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