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Monday, April 9, 2012

Infographic: How Social Media Can Help You Land That New Job

Social media has given us the ability to get (and stay) connected with, not only our friends and families, but also with various people all around the world. In a way, social media has helped our personal lives by expanding our social circle.

Today, social media is used to find employment opportunities as well. According to this article I found, companies use social media (mainly LinkedIn) to recruit candidates. Recruiters use social media because it
  • saves them money
  • raises brand awareness
  • targets people with specific skills sets
  • helps find solid candidates who might otherwise never even get on their radar

We've talked briefly in class about the importance of an updated LinkedIn profile and, as the infographic states below, even a small thing like having a profile picture helps a lot. Recruiters don't have a lot of time to begin with so profile photos and job titles get the most attention.

How to use social media to land a job


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