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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Highest paid Canadian athletes

Have you ever wondered who the highest paid Canadian athletes are in the world I always wanted to know and after doing some research I came across a article that indicates the who the highest paid Canadian athletes are. This article was very interesting because I did not think some player made as much money as they do. Below is a list of Canadian athletes who are paid top dollar in there respected sport from the website.

Ø  Eric Stall- 2011-12 season 7.75 million
Ø  Dany Heatley- 2011- 12 season salary 8 million
Ø  Sidney Crosby- 2011- 12 season salary 9 million
Ø  Joey Votto-20 12 season 11.4 million
Ø  Vincent Lecavalier 2011- 12 season salary 10 million
Ø  Steve Nash 2011- 12 season salary 11.7 million
Ø  Brad Richards 2011- 12 season salary 12 million
Ø  Ryan Dempster 2012 season 14 million
Ø  Justin Morneau- 2012 season 15 million
Ø  Jason Bay 2012 season 18.1 million
As you can see Jason Bay makes the most amounts which I found to be very interesting. If you want more information you can look at the article on the website below.

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