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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Android Most Popular In China

Google's Android operating system was the most popular choice for consumers in China with a 35% increase in 2011, bringing its overall market share to 68.4%. Google's market share lead is quite substantial compared to Apple's 5.7% because the iPhone was only popular in wealthy Chinese cities. Most of Google's success came at the expense of Nokia whose market share was cut in half to 18.7%

ZTE and Huawei are responsible for the success of Android with low cost offerings to many wireless providers. Apple has promised to improve its presence in 2012, claiming that China is a key part of its mobile strategy.

China is going to be become the most important market in the world therefore it is interesting to see more companies begin to shift focus away from the US. China currently has 988 million cellphone subscribers which is much higher than any other country. Currently the US sets trends on what devices become popular, but China will probably take that role in the coming years.

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