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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Social Media and my Life

1)   What do I use social media for in order to lead a good life?
2)When did I start using social media and why? 
      3)How would I replace social media if it was taken away? 

1.    I rely on social media for entertainment and for staying connected to most of my friends. I feel it is much easier to stay connected over social media sites such as facebook and twitter, as we are always constantly connected to the internet and it is also much easier then taking out your phone and putting in a number to text or call someone. Also, I have many relatives and friends that live all over the world, and it is much cheaper to connect with them over the internet everyday then it is to text or call them every single day. Also, I rely on social media for entertainment and staying connected to events that are up and coming. As I am a dancer, a lot of dance competitions are advertised through facebook, so in order to stay up to date with what is happening with a lot of competitions I rely on facebook.

2.    I started using social media in 2007 when I signed up for a facebook account. The only reason I signed up was to share my Graduation pictures with my graduation class. I actually did not get into using social media until 2009. Before that I had just used social media such as facebook, to share pictures, but not really connect with others, or for event seeking etc. When social media sites such as facebook, became the the main source of connecting to others among all my friends, I started really getting into it.

3.    If social media was taken away, I would probably replace it with relying on texting and calling to stay in touch with others.  On the down side, sometimes I can be absent minded, so I think I would forget and probably just resort to, connecting less with the people I mainly connect with via social media. On the bright side, I think I would have fewer distractions when it comes to trying to get my homework done, therefore resulting in me being more productive.

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