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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New boutique specializes in treats for pets

New boutique specialized in treats for pets

Hey All,

I am an animal lover - dogs in particular - so this article caught my attention yesterday. Imagine the audience analysis for a store as such…

By Robert Barron, The Daily News
March 14, 2012

Business owner saw potential in Victoria store; purchased operation and moved it to Nanaimo

Nanaimo's Bob Ashton saw the potential of Woofles Barking Boutique when he would shop for treats and other supplies for his two Bull mastiffs while the store was in operation in Victoria.

Ashton recently bought the store after its owner retired and moved it to Nanaimo, where he opened it up on

Fitzwilliam Street
last week.

The boutique specializes in homemade treats for pets, including peanut butter and banana woofles, as well as pet accessories like clothing, collars and leashes.

"The store was very popular in
Victoria and I believe it has a lot of potential in Nanaimo because I don't believe there's another store quite like it in the city's south end," Ashton said.

"This is my first business and I'm hoping it will be successful."

The audience you are trying to reach is obviously the owners of the pets. However, you have to understand what they want, for their pets, as the pets are the end users.

I found an interesting audience analysis tool on Google. Using this I have created a funny little audience analysis for the pet food store.

Profile of intended audienceA nalysis - Who are they?

U nderstanding - What is their knowledge of the subject?
Dogs would have very little knowledge of the pet food store and logistics. However, they have great knowledge surrounding food.

D emographics - What is their age, sex, educational background?
Male/Female Dogs, with no educational background.

I nterest - Why are they there? Who asked them to be there?
They are there for food, and have been brought there by their owners.

E nvironment - Where will I stand? Can they all see & hear me?
In regards to the pet food store, the smell will make the environment attractive.

N eeds - What are their needs?
To be fed.

C ustomized – How is this special/interesting?
It specialized in home made treats for pets.

E xpectations - What do they expect to learn or hear from you?
All they expect is yummy treats.

Hmm… Interesting audience analysis…

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