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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Best Second Language to Learn

The Best Second Language to Learn

On the Economist website today I came across and ongoing and interesting debate.

Question: What second language would be the most beneficial to learn?

Robert Lane Greene, an economist, introduces this debate series. When the Economist editor asked him how many languages he spoke, he replied "six and I'm conversant with another three." He points out, that English is the most useful global language and if you were to learn one other, he recommends French.

I completely agreed with him. Throughout elementary and high school many of us were forced to take French class every single year, as it was a mandatory credit. We were then told that it would be useful to continue it, when it was made an elective. As it is supposedly the second most important and useful language. I remember vividly being told that it would be especially useful in professional communications as I got older and would need to communicate with many different individuals. I also remember being told that being fluent in French would look ideal on my resume, when trying to get a professional job. The idea that that learning this language is imperative has been engraved in our brain since we were young.

However, after taking the poll on the Economist (see link below), it made me think otherwise.

After I took the poll (see above link), and voted ‘French’ I was made aware that the top 3 voted most beneficial, as of today, were as follows

·         Brazilian Portugese - 21% (1540 votes)
·         Esperanto - 17% (1215 votes)
·         Spanish - 16% (1157 votes)

Have your say by voting in the poll below.

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