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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Interveiw Tips

Dear Everyone,

Thought I would share an example of what Bob talked about earlier on this semester about what is important when going into an interview.

After talking to a relative of mine who has recently become employed at PWC which is one of the big four in Canada.  So I thought I would share his interview adventure from the year leaving school to the next year when he got his article job with PWC.

In his first year of trying to get a job with an accounting firm, he received four job interviews. Going into each  one he really did not know what to expect because he had never been in an interview that was as professional or as important to his career before. He had done research on the background of the companies but not an in-depth look at the actual culture as well as there client list. Also during the interviews where he felt he like talked about 50% of the interview and the interviewers talked the other 50%. He did not receive a job offer during his first year of interviews.

The following year he was able to get 5 interviews with good firms. One of those firms was PWC. He told me that this time around he really focused on being more engaging and taking over the interview its self by making it more 70 to 30 % within him talking 70% of the time. So what he felt that helped him get over the hump and get a job was going into depth about what the culture is like inside of PWC as well as looking at who their clients are.

So just to recap, what are some of the helpful tips?
  • Know the company
  • Take control of the interview by ensuring that you are speaking more
  • Be confident
    • If your not, their are interview coaches that you could possibly hire in order to strengthen your self-esteem as well give you coaching tips on what to focus on in the interview
Hopefully all of you find this helpful.

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