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Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to Communicate with a Bad Boss

I’m sure most of you have worked for bad boss before. If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky.

Some examples of a bad boss include:

The Micro-Manager
·    Does not like to delegate tasks and hovers over you

The Poor Communicator
·    Gives you absolutely no direction and expects you just to know what he/she wants

The Saboteur
·    Undermines the efforts of employees
·    Takes credit for other employees ideas when they’re successful and blames everyone else when ideas go south

Mixed Bag
·    You never know what your boss will do next
·    Their mood changes just as fast as the weather

I've personally worked for a micro-manager and a poor communicator before. In my experience it's 
crucial to make the extra effort to communicate with your boss and tell them what you want.
If you're working for a mixed bag or saboteur boss, it will be important to keep your network around
you active, find a mentor in the company, and to document your work.  

The link below is an article that gives tips on how to communicate with a bad boss

The following book is available at the Kwantlen Library:

The major techniques the book suggests are:
  1. Assess the different factors contributing to the situation
  2. Visualize possible options and outcomes
  3. Use visualization for goal setting, preparation, and planning
  4. Decide what's practical by weighing the positives and negatives

On a side note, when I was reading the above article, the next suggested article was about,  “How to flirt with your boss”. Interesting…

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