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Friday, March 23, 2012

How Social Media Has Changed My Life

1) I use social media for the most part in order to find workout routines, supplements and meal plans. Social Media has given me almost full access into the lives of professional bodybuilders as well as nutritionists for no cost. Youtube is my main source for searching of workout routines. My goal has been to build muscle mass as well as leading a healthy lifestyle. Sites such as are supplement stores online but also have blogs set up connected to their site and I mostly use their sites to review new products as well as existing products that have worked for others.

Many bodybuilders reach out to their fans using Youtube. I have become a fan of many bodybuilders such as:
  • Jay Cutler
  • Ronnie Coleman
  • Branch Warren
  • Phil Heath
 They are the most recognized names in the industry. From time to time they put up their entire workout on a particular day of certain muscle group. For example, Jay cutler has a chest workout on say febuarary 9 of last year up. The one thing that I really enjoy about it is that the bodybuilders really explain what workouts work for them as well as how to do do the exercise properly. Technique is everything when working out and in each video they take the time out to explain why their doing a particular exercise and how exactly to make the correct movement. This has been a tremendous help to the vast growth that I've seen in myself and what others have seen in me.

The way that bodybuilding blogs have helped has gone along way as well. Everyone that is serious about lifting weights knows that working out is only 20% of building muscle and the rest is diet. On they have a vast range of topics that are being discussed. Alot of people post their meal plans as well as what their goal is. By goal I mean what are they trying to do; lose weight, gain mass or become ripped. The blogs allow for reviews on supplements and allow users to voice their opinion good or bad.

2) I started using youtube as well as about 2 and half years ago. I got to a point where I wasn't happy with my physical appearance and I went from being 222lbs to 165lbs in a matter of three months. When I hit 165lbs I realized that I looked quite unhealthy being so skinny. So I decided to get a gym membership. With this I wasn't to certain on how to workout or how to achieve the goal that I had set for myself which was to gain 45lbs of only muscle. So I decided to do some research on the internet and that's where I found a link to Jaycutlertv which is Jay Cutler's channel on youtube and just started going through all his videos. Ever since then I've been hooked on searching for new ways to train as well as follow the former Mr. Olympia.

3) I think I have done enough research on training to be able to implement different kinds of workouts to achieve great results. I would have to say that I have done about 200 hours of research on various workout routines as well as creating the best meal plan for myself. I have been able to gain alot of muscle mass over the last 2 and half years and I attribute that to my detailed analysis of what has worked for me and what doesn't and then incorporating those positive items together to create an ultimate meal plan that I use today.

If I ever did need more information and social media was taken away from me then I would go on to the internet and order videos that the pros have made in order to satisfy my thirst for knowledge. But to be honest I think I am pretty well contempt with the level of knowledge that I have at the moment and I feel I'm well prepared for any situation or goal that I define for myself in the future.

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