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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Know your Audience

Understanding how your audience receives information will help you get their attention.  People have different ways to take in and process information given to them.  The link below describes the four types of listening which are
1.      Data,
2.      Structure,
3.      Vision,
4.      Human Element.

Your audience may be only one person, making you think that you only need to incorporate the one way they listen.  When in actuality, stakeholders are your audience to and you can never be sure how they all take in information.  When writing or speaking to an audience, keep in mind to cover all areas listed above will achieve a great impact on your audience.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jackie, thanks for posting this. I definitely agree that understanding your audience first, is crucial if you want them to agree to your point. Everybody is different in how they perceive and take in information. Having the wrong assumptions or impression about your audience can lead to failure in them understanding what you are trying to communicate. That is why such audience analysis are done prior to communication – so you know the best way and the right style to use when communicating to who is in front of you.