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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bullet Proof Suit

jello everyone,

A bullet proof car, vest, and window. All things I constantly see in action movies and Abbotsford. Today well browsing gizmodo I found a bullet proof suit . During the presidenital inaugural Obama walked on the streets with out any glass protection. A scary thought considering the current gun laws in the lovely United States. Not to worry the article explains he was wearing a bullet proof suit ! I honestly could not believe the suits powers, but no i found a video. Miguel Caballero designs fashionable bullet proof clothing for jouranlists and VIP's. To be honest it looks like he has a monopoly on the market currently. The fact that he's from Colombia might have something to do with this unsure. Still talk about a smart business decision. It is rumoured that Miguel designed the suit for president obama to his exact specifications. Talk about creating your own market ! He also has done a great job through his website communicating to his customers. You cannot buy direct, you have to email and speak with representatives. This allows his target market, most likely wealthy/scared people, to feel personally communicated with. This differentnates Miguel from the rest of the market, through simple communication.  Personally I just think the whole operation is pretty professional.

Here is miguel's website

Here is miguel shooting someone point blank with .38 calibre pistol in a nice jacket

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