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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Social Networking

Social Networking

Shortly after Facebook announced plans for an initial public offering, its founder Mark Zuckerberg made a public statement stating that his company remained committed to a social mission.

He stated that Facebook believes that a “more open world is a better world." He also claimed that his product was "extending people's capacity to build and maintain relationships."

I do agree with Mr. Zuckerberg, in that a more open and accessible world is a better world. Simply because I believe that information flow would be improved by enhanced efficiency.  Though, in regards to Facebook this ‘world’ is limited to the internet. Facebook is strictly making what is posted on their site more available, and I do not believe it makes the world more open or accessible. If anything I believe that Facebook could add to an overall better world by have more privacy setting, making personal information on Facebook less accessible, not more open.

Also in regards to this article I do not agree with Mark Zuckerberg statement that his product, Facebook, is “extending people's capacity to build and maintain relationships". Yes, it is true that it does extend people capacity to build relationships, simply because is it making searching for people online much easier. Though, in reality Facebook does not always foster these relationships. In some cases, because of all of the personal information made available online, Facebook ends up completely screwing up relationships.

This house believes that society benefits when we share personal information online.
This debate within the Economist looks at both sides of the argument.
In regards to the argument put forth

·         70% Voted Yes
·         30% Voted No
Take a look at the debate. It is closed now, but it is still interesting to look at both sides of a great debate.

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