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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

MRKT 3311 blogs - KPU - Fall 2014

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Benefits of Blogging!

As a business student, concentrating in marketing, the majority of teachers in my discipline encourage students to blog. Many students entering university or a post secondary institute for their first time might not see the true benefit of blogging. Listed below are some reasons why all students (not just business students) should blog!

Build Your Brand Identity

Blogging helps build your professional brand. This is important because employers judge job candidates on their brand. Various tools such as a website, blog, social media etc help build a personal brand. A student with a polished professional brand will have the upper hand when they are ready to enter the work force since employers do often look up job candidates on the internet to see what comes up.

Become An Expert

Through social media, you can communicate what you have learned in the work force or in school. Becoming an expert on a particular subject can set you a part from other students. Blogging on a particular subject can also show the public how knowledgeable you are. It can aid in building your professional identity.

Foundation for Your Social Media

You can communicate through social media but essentially your blog will be where the main hub of information will stem from. Platforms such as Twitter restrict how long status updates can be and should be used to direct individuals to your blog. There is no limit on how much you can include in your particular blogs.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Final Blog Post?

Well I have commented on a post about procrastination but I find myself writing this final blog post at 11pm on the night it is to be submitted. I find myself wondering if I am the only one doing this. Suffice to say I have procrastinated. But I have put a lot of effort in to my final project for this class and hope that will be reflected in my final mark in this class. And if this is to be the final blog post I think it would be a fitting one.

I would like to thank Professor Bob, for all his insights in to communication this term.

Insights like, the goal of communication is to foster and maintain relationships. Also that good communication is courteous. And my favorite gem, it should be as long as it needs to be but no longer.

I must also thank him for his high energy level between the times of 7pm to 10pm at night. It truly makes a difference. It has been a pleasure. Your teaching style, of letting students pick material relevant to them and their own work groups I feel is truly entrepreneurial and what the education system in this country could use more of. I feel that Bob is truly dedicated to his students, and I can swear that I have never received such quick replies to emails from a teacher.

So Bob it has been a pleasure. You show that you enjoy your work and I request that you never stop.

Segregated Funds?????

Segregated funds are the common name for an independent variable insurance contract. They are very similar to mutual funds accept they are only offered through insurance providers, offer a guaranteed death benefit amount, and protection from creditors.

Segregated funds are long term investments with a minimum investment horizon of ten year. Normally the death benefit can be adjusted twice to lock in gains during the contracts life. This is seen by some investors as a good way to partake in the stock market while mitigating the risk.

As with all insurance contracts that have a cash value protection from creditors is guaranteed by law. People who carry a the potential to be sued, like Doctors, Lawyers, accountants, may be interested in this feature as part of sound risk planning.

As mentioned Segregated funds are like mutual funds. Often they are a clone of the holding in a mutual fund but charge a higher management expense fee for the guarantees. Segregated funds are also eligible for RRSP, TFSA, and RESP accounts.

Think that segregated funds might be good for your financial plan? Talk to your financial advisor. If you don’t have one let me know, I think I know someone who can help